The purpose of this group is four-fold:

1. Gather accurate and true information and have questions asked answered (e.g. actual tax base population, what is the use of our existing facilities, status of existing facilities in terms of aging infrastructure, effect on rural facilities and “backyard” recreation, are Feasibility Reports still applicable; other community recreation plans). 

2. Disseminate accurate information to the public on the following: Performing Arts, Arena, Parking Study, Business Plan, Public Surveys, Fundraising Terms and Update (pledges, grants, cash, pre-tax, tax deductions vs. refundable donations). 

3. Understand the economic picture associated with the proposed North Cariboo Multi-Centre vs. a “Plan B” approach in terms of the following: anticipated shortfall in timber, aging demographics, actual operating costs (labour, administration, management, etc.), school population decline, mill closures. 

4. Understand the “Design Build” concept and what safeguards are in place to ensure that the facility is completed in full within budget and timeline.