Good Evening to all. Another year gone by. I chose to serve the tax payers of Quesnel in year 2000 and won election in 2003. Since that time i have seen three mayors. City was left in financial disaster in 2003 when my first term started. This is my 4th term. History is repeating again. Still the scars are green from the city hall building debt we have. Infrastructure in a critical shape. For example Anderson Drive got capped in for lack of $1.4 million dollar funding. Roddis drive still moved to next year. Avery avenue did not even got looked at it which is a safety concern when people are driving on the other side of the road. Council did not put money in Public works reserve account to get it out of flood plains. Four water wells out of six are running beyond their life span. Taxes and utility fees goes up every year and with new fee structure city is going to collect more fees on the landfill. Management salary for some employees have gone from $60000.00 to $100000.00 and over from $80000.00 to $145000.00.City Manager job alone committed to cost over $800000.00 plus loan and signing bonuses, Public works dept head salary use to be $70000.00 know we have last year that cost $109000.00 with Contractor jack marsh another $65000.00 to $70000.00. Plus another assistant costing $60000.00 or so. Communication manager $70000.00 plus for writing mayors column,report and news releases. That position was created to tackle problem with CRD on a two year contract basis. Which became a permanent  which i never had the chance to  vote on it. Then you look at failed $34000.00 plus ICBC claim. Over  Two hundred thousand dollar in severance package for Manager Stecyk. Followed by Ms.Wild's severance which has paid so far $57157.36 with Bi- Weekly payment $3376.04. (Received under FOI).  Still we have full time employee paid to do the job over $60000.00West Side Land Stability project over $90000.00 approximately. Last year lawyer,s bill was $68000.00. This year bill be probably over as city hasn't disclosed it. Mayor has spent over $11000.00 to justify her questionable spending when i publish my financial report in 2010. Councillor Elliott was looking over and working with Airshow where limit was targeted $3000.00 and some help ended up costing tax payers over $14400.00 approximately. I don't know the food bill which council orders every meeting or so. In 2010 it was roughly $20000.00 . When Mr. Bello was Mayor it was close $6000 to $7000.00. City has not gained any significant tax revenue streams but sure we lost North Star  over a million dollar in taxes and re-appeals of QRP cost Tax payers Over $659000.00. We have continuously businesses like Honda closing their doors and opening few. RCMP budget is always budgeted for 21 officers and they hardly get 21 to fill the positions.If someone tells me it is The SAVINGS. I will question that as we still have unsolved murders and other issues. I  can go on and on these are few of the highlights.

Frontage taxes once gone up again. I like to ask the question to all the council members if anybody pays that tax. West quesnel, North Quesnel,Johnson sub division and Carson Sub Div pays for that. Who and how city will be paying for South-hill  Sub Division Maintenance ?. Why is that disparity. People should watch for how next year council brings Parcel Tax on West Side land Stability area.

Municipality collect taxes to look after WATER,SEWER, ROAD MAINTENANCE and COMMUNITY SAFETY. Public has to ask this question are they looked after?. I have to say not in a good faith.

DEMOCRACY is killed in In- Camera meeting. No wonder i have to obtain simple things under FOI which should be public knowledge as it is public money.

In the end i like to thank all the volunteers and family day committee   who helped me to organize, celebrate 10 family days in Quesnel we call it home. Family day serve 45000.00 meals to public with no cost  to them. Thank you taxpayers of Quesnel for providing seed money for family day. Thank You Treasure Mr. Ron Campbell for keeping it under the budget.

Respectfully I like to submit my annual report to my tax payers. Councillor Thapar Sushil