Tom and Rose McKone...what is the right thing for the City to do?

Tom and Rose McKone are now deceased so what is the city doing with their property?  In 1996 when Baker Creek was causing McKone's house on Twan Ave to slip into the creek the Provincial Emergency Plan (PEP) stepped in to help.  One problem was created when PEP sent McKones the cheque for the expenses instead of the city.  I believe it was for approximately $55000.00.  They used some of this money for personal expenses but the majority went to replacing or fixing the problems created by moving their house.  When the city found out the McKones spent the money intended for them they had the McKones sign over their house to them, if the McKones wanted to stay living in it without paying back the money.  The house was worth more than the debt they owed the city.

For 15 years the McKones paid the city taxes on the property and they paid approx $72,000 in rent ($400.00 a month)...far more than what they owed the city in the first place if they were responsible for paying the full amount to them.  What is the right thing for the city to do with this property now?  Turn it over to the heirs now that the debt has been paid?  I think so!

If this council can agree to lend Byron Johnson $50,000 then hopefully they can do what is right for the McKone family.