What happens to the money?

thewolfonline.ca  George Henderson

 Many North Cariboo residents are asking that question in the wake of the failed referendum for the proposed 30-million dollar Multi-Centre.

   Jeff Norburn, the General Manager of Community Services with the City of Quesnel, says when it comes to cash donations that were made for the project largely in the form of seat sales people who didn't receive a tax deductable receipt will get the choice of getting their money back.

   Norburn says for those who did receve a tax deductable receipt the money will remain in a capital reserve in anticipation of a future capital project.

   We also asked Norburn about the 2-million dollars from the Northern Development Initiative Trust and the 4-million from the Provincial Government.

   He says the interest of the Provincial grant was in the active living component which fits well with any arena project so he says he is optimistic that working with the Province and NDI that they will be able to secure those funds, although he says it is certainly not something he can confirm at this time.

   Norburn says the City and Cariboo Regional District will also have to talk to West Fraser about it's committment.

   He says the money that has been pre-taxed since 2008 will also remain in a capital reserve account for a future project although at this point no one knows what that might look like.